How to crack IELTS in one month

How to crack IELTS in one month

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How to crack ielts

How to prepare ielts in one month .IELTS or International English language testing system is one of the mandatory requirement one who wish to study abroad or migrate abroad for the students who are form non-English native country. This is the English proficiency assessment which is a prove of student is good enough to stay the countries like Australia, European countries, UK,USA, New Zealand and many more. But appears are comes under pressure when they are going through this examination and did not qualify. So here is some twists and tips which help you to get your desired band.

Firstly, there is two types of IELTS. The students who is willing to go abroad for studies higher degree opt for IELTS academic category and who is applying for migration, vocational training and jobs, opt for IELTS general category. There is four part- listening, speaking, writing, and reading. Student have to work for this skill so that they can qualify with one attempt!

Listening Skill – One can get only 30 minute to complete this section. So student must have good listening power and writing in speed so that one can complete within time. Remember it has most of the mcq, so you can score high in this part.

Speaking skill – Time durations like 15 minutes. You should go thorough current affairs, daily newspaper, radio, and live news where you can get more information and collect those. You should speak confidently, clearly and spontaneously. Don’t try to copy the western accent, it may be hamper your speaking.

Writing skill – Writing is 1hr test. You have to write 2 segments in this one hour. You should not write too much but should be compact and informative. You should very good in grammar and vocabulary.  Time management is more important in this part. You have to finish writings within time.

Reading skill – Reading part also have 1hr time. Most of the student have a fear on this part. That leads them towards bad band. For reading you should do practices that improvises your speed of reading passage. Be patient and don’t panic.

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Strategies to get band 7- 8 score in IELTS

So, when you are studying for IELTS you should make some strategies which help you to crack ielts band 7-8.

  • Time management- IELTS is all about time management. You have to keep on this your mind that you should complete all your segments within time. There is no scope of left over. First understand the test format and then start practice in home.
  • Practice- practice makes a man not only perfect in life, also in exam too. You should make a routine for practice your stuffs and point out if you are facing any problem in time management. While doing the speaking practice you should do it with confidence, did not stammer. Just remember by this 15mins you are going to be judged by professionals. Fluency should be good.
  • Focused-be focused on your examination. If your preparation goes well and so as examination, think positive and just do your best.
  • Plans- while practicing for examinations do some small tricky plans which will help you to get good bands.

The day before your IELTS exams you should do-

  • Eat balanced meal and sleep proper, so you look fresh in exam
  • Visualize positive outcomes. Think and rethink the positive so you’re your exams leads positive way.
  • Get your all stuffs ready for the morning examination. You just check all the required stuffs is in your bag or not. Original passport you should carry for your exam. Lay out your cloths so that you look perfect.
  • Be confident, it leads to sure success.

If you are looking to crack IELTS exam then you can search and enrol different courses offered by the different instructors or institution across the world You can search the courses from our marketplace. If you are doing self-preparation then you can check the different books you can buy online.

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