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FAQ's for Students

You can use filters in Find instructor section to narrow the search results for your needs and budget range. You can choose the speciality needed, specify the price range, prefered time for studying etc. We recommend that you use all of the available filters. This will save your time in searching for a suitable tutor and ensure that you select one who can best help you reach your goals.

If you need to clarify any details before making a decision while choosing a instructor or institutions, you can send a personal message directly from the search results or profile page of the selected instructor of institutions. According to the rules of the site, it is forbidden to share any contact information until payment for the first lesson is made. Violation of this policy will result in your profile being blocked. If the system has blocked you during correspondence with the tutor by mistake, please contact our technical support.

After the course, the instructor can correct the duration and give a summary of the lesson. He/she can also add a homework assignment. The platform will automatically send you a request to confirm and evaluate the lesson. Once you do that, the instructor will receive a payment to his or her account.  If the lesson was not held, or you were not completely satisfied with it, please let us know about this within 72 hours after the lesson time mailing at , so that we can take appropriate course of action. Please keep in mind that all lesson evaluations are anonymous. Hence, we recommend you to give an honest feedback about the instructor . This will help us manage our instructor’ base more effectively.

We will send you an email offering to leave a review for your tutor. By leaving a review, you take part in the tutor’s rating process and help future students find the right tutor.

Sometimes you may face some unforeseen issues that do not allow your course to be carried out satisfactorily. This may include missing the course , being late for the course , having some technical or personal issues related to the course either by instructor or you. In this case, we strongly recommend you to report this issue as soon as possible, so that we can take necessary actions in a timely manner.

Sometimes your plans change and you may have to cancel/reschedule your class or course. In this case, we require you to give your instructor at least 24 (twenty four) hours notice. Otherwise, you are liable to be charged the full amount for the scheduled class, unless the instructor agrees not to charge you after a formal discussion. We reserve the right for every tutor to charge the cost of the lesson that is cancelled less than twenty four hours before its planned start time, without possibility of this sum being refunded to the student or transferred to other tutors. You can cancel/reschedule class through your Applycourses Prep account easily by clicking the corresponding button in ‘My courses’ for the scheduled class anytime up to 24 hours before your class. You will be asked to provide a reason for cancellation which, in most cases, will be forwarded to your instructor or institutions.

The duration of the each class is one hour by default. It is not possible to split the duration  into 2 or more class. In case the duration of the first lesson will be shorter than the one you paid for, there will be no possibility to add another lesson from the balance remaining with your tutor.


Every institutions or or freelance instructor works as a contractor and charges the price they wish. The Applycourses Prep platform does not affect the tutor’s price.


We provide convenient and safe tools to pay for the courses or classes with our instructors. You can pay by credit/debit (Visa/Mastercard) cards or via PayPal. Payments for all online courses or classes are made through our website. However, we recommend the payments to be made through the website as it provides guarantee for the classes and also increases the ratings of the tutor. If we ever find that if any students is taking classes or courses without using our platform we might ban the instructor and the students for any further use of our platform.

Our aim is to help you to find the best instructor or institutions to achieve your goals. You can browse our Tutor search listings by visiting the Find Instructor menu. Use the search filters to help you narrow down the list based on your goals. If you have difficulties with finding a suitable instructor , feel free to contact our Customer Support Center via email at Our team can recommend some of the best-fit instructor for your needs.


If your first class does not take place for any reason, we will rescheduled the class or provide a full refund or a instructor replacement with a instructor of your choice.


FAQ's for Instrcutors

Each lesson is planned in the Calendar section and after it is completed, the instructor can correct its duration and summary. He or she can also add a homework assignment. The platform will automatically send the student a request to confirm and evaluate the lesson. Once that is done, the instructor will receive a payment to the internal account according to  class duration and price per hour. In case of live classes instructor will receive the 50% of payment once the 50% of the classes duration get completed and remain 50% after the completion of the course.


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