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How our website works?

At first student needs to sign up into our website to go to marketplace where they can search and filter different test-preps courses offered by certified trainer or institutions across the world.

Students can analyse different trainers or institutes and check their reviews given by other students before they enroll for the course . Please check their course overview if they do not have any review.

Student need to click on the enroll button once they confirm the course . They can select the available batch offered by the trainer or institutions and can apply as per their convenient.

Student need to make payment once the trainer or training institutions decided to accept them as their student for the scheduled batch. Payment option will reflect into student dashboard or will receive an email notification.

Our platform will help students to manage their classes by sending regular updates and notification to their email, therefore, student will not miss their class or any important announcement made by the trainers or institutions.

With the help of applycourses test-prep platform student can connect to trainers across the world and enroll into their course. Most important almost all classes will be taught with the help of live video conferencing and whiteboard. Also, students can watch the recorded video if they miss the class.

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Students prepare with Virtual Live Conferencing Class on Applycourses.

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Expert trainer : Find certified trainer or training institutes across the world

Verified profiles: We carefully check and confirm each trainer’s profile

Learn anytime: Take online lessons at the perfect time for your busy schedule.

Affordable prices: Compare fees offered by different training institutes or freelance trainer across the world.

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